Shorelife began in July, 1997 when Mark and Karen Thompson came to establish a new church in Capitola.  Using a facility no longer occupied by the previous church, the process of planting a new church began.  During the first year that Mark and Karen were here, they met in a weekly home group with 15 people from the former church, sharing their vision.  At the same time, the home group began reaching out into their neighborhoods, building relationships with friends, and sharing the gospel with unbelievers.  The worship center was transformed and updated with fresh paint, a new stage, new lighting, and new carpeting.  As a fundraiser, the people attending were challenged to purchase a chair for themselves, and a chair for an unsaved friend, trusting that the worship center would need seating for 200.

A second home group was formed in the spring of 1998.  The first membership class was offered in June with fourteen people committing to membership at Shorelife.

Public services began on July 7, 1998.  Following the worship service, the entire church celebrated at New Brighton Beach with the first baptisms of the newly formed church.

In October 2004, Mark and Karen Thompson received a call to pastor a church in Fresno, California.  Pastor Robert Igarta, a member of Shorelife, became the Interim Pastor.  Then, in November 2005, following more than a year-long pastoral search, the Shorelife Leadership team invited Daniel and Valerie Clubb to pastor our church.  In October 2015 Trevor & Jackie Lee were installed as Lead Pastor and wife.They bring with them a fresh vision and plan for reaching our community for Jesus Christ.

A new community of people is now worshipping and serving God together.  Some have started a relationship with Jesus, while others have a renewed commitment to the church.  Many lives have already been positively affected by the presence of Christ in the Shorelife community and God will meet many more needs in the future.  If you are looking for a relationship with God, or a church to belong to, we would love to have you come join what God is doing in our church.