Our Strategic Anchors

Our Four Strategic Anchors 


1. Building Bridges of Trust: We will   love png  and accept you just as you are. Our love for you is unconditional. We want to surround you with the acceptance and belonging we have found in Jesus.


2.  Restoring Broken Lives: God will   heal png  you and we will help you recover from your physical, emotional and spiritual hurts and fears. Jesus loves us as we are - but He takes us where we need to be. 


3. Learning to Be Servant-Leaders: We will  train png  and instruct you in the many ways God thinks, feels and moves as revealed in the Bible. We will help you better understand and live the way Jesus has taught us to follow Him.  


4. Having a "Go To" Mentality: We will  send png  and encourage you in the particular course of life/ministry God has chosen and gifted you for. The church family benefits when each member fulfills their unique and specific role.